Character Breakfast with Batman & Queen Elsa

Title: Character Breakfast with Batman & Queen Elsa
Location: Wenham Tea House
Link out: Click here
Description: ***No refunds one week prior to event***

We hope you will join us for our fun and exciting character breakfast. We are welcoming Queen Elsa from Disney’s Frozen and Batman from Gotham City!

We will be offering a full breakfast buffet from 9:00-10:30am as the characters walk around and greet each child. Pictures are welcomed!

Price is $30 per person, inclusive of tax and gratuity.
Start Time: 9:00
Date: 2015-10-10
End Time: 10:30

Lessons Learned from Playing Tea Party

“One sugar or two?  Would you like cream with that? Please pass the tray of cookies.”

Playing tea party has been a fun childhood activity since the 1700s when High Tea became a much desired social activity in Britain.  Children would dole out pretend scones, cookies and of course tea served up in decorative tea pots with sugar and cream on the side. This same imaginative play has been repeated over and over in homes and preschools all over the globe since that time. While it may seem like simple child’s play, this time honored activity can help in the cognitive, social, physical and emotional development of children.  Let’s take a look at how this very basic type of play can be so incredibly beneficial to children as they are just beginning to learn social norms, manners, etiquette and sharing.

All human beings benefit from play in one way or another.  Children probably benefit the most since their play mimics real life and “grown up” situations without the stress of who wins and loses.  These play scenarios allow children to try out behaviors and reactions to those situations.  Playing tea party, therefore, is a whole lot more than just imaginary hot water, cream and sugar. Tea Parties allow for social play, motor development and the ever important language development.

Social Play – According to renown pediatrician and parenting expert, Dr. William Sears, “Pretend play is the hallmark of the preschooler years.”  Social Play encourages children to interact with other children in a safe way.  A tea party allows for a perfect context of play that has unwritten rules about roles, activities and behaviors.  This practice play helps children learn how to get along with others, share and talk to each person. This is also a great time to practice new manners and rules of dining out.

Motor Development – Both gross motor and fine motor development is practiced in the simple act of holding a tea party.  Not only do children spend time setting up the table and chairs (gross motor) but they work their fine motor coordination with pouring, stirring and handing plates back and forth.  The development of these muscles will help with more complex games and activities as the child grows.

Language Development – Beyond age two, children begin putting words together into sentences of increasing length. Speech becomes more and more clear over the next few years. Using a tea party as the foundation, children get a chance to practice asking questions, waiting for responses and holding pretend conversations where listening is an important factor.

Here at the Wenham Tea House we love what we do.  One of our favorite events is holding Tea Parties and events for children where they may have an opportunity to practice these critical skills.  Join us for a fun afternoon party or bring your family by for breakfast or lunch and see how these interactions can mean the world to a child.



Beaches near Wenham, Massachusetts

Sun, Sand and Surf – there are so many fun summer activities in and around Wenham, Massachusetts.  Some of our favorite summer activities to recommend to our customers here at the Wenham Tea House are the miles of beautiful beaches just minutes from our store.  Singing Beach, Cranes Beach and Rices Beach are among our most favorites.

  • Singing Beach on Beach Street in Manchester-By-The-Sea is just a short walk from the public parking areas at the bottom of Beach Street.  Singing Beach has a well-equipt bath house and snack bar.  The top parking area is reserved for resident parking but allows for easy drop off at the beach edge for others.  The sand and dunes on Singing Beach makes a special “singing” sound when visitors walk on the dry sandy areas.  Once you have arrived at Singing Beach, you will enjoy beautiful views and almost a 1/2 mile of pristine sand to enjoy swimming, reading or just relaxing.
  • Crane Beach – is one the Northeast’s most spectacular beaches on Argilla Road in Ipswich, Massachusetts.  Miles of shoreline and the beautiful sand dunes will greet you at Crane Beach.  There are over 5 miles of dunes to explore.  Crane Beach is also among the world’s most important nesting sites for piping plovers, a threatened bird that was nearly hunted to extinction in the 19th century for its eggs and feathers. Crane Beach has been nationally recognized for its successful shorebird protection program. The bath house, picnic area and store are amenities that provide for an easy day at the beach.  While you are there visit the Crane Estate where you can explore the amazing views and extensive grounds.
  • Lynch Park in Beverly, Massachusetts is a beautiful location for a beach day, picnic, free concert or volleyball game with friends.  Lynch Park offers, bathrooms and a beautiful playground for children.  One of the most beautiful features of this seashore park is the sunken Italian Rose Garden.  Many an outdoor wedding has been performed in this amazing area.  Lynch Park was once part of the Taft Administrations summer housing but is now owned by the City of Beverly, Massachusetts.  A nominal fee is charged for non residents for parking.

Enjoy at day at one of the regions fantastic beaches.  Don’t forget to come visit us at the Tea House after a day in the sun!

Wenham Oktoberfest

Title: Wenham Oktoberfest
Location: Wenham Tea House Tent
Link out: Click here
Description: Sunday Afternoon, September 27th 3-5pm

Please join us for a fun day of German music, food and delicious beers under the tent as we help support the Wounded Warrior Project.

Over 15 different beers will be available!

$25 per person; tax and gratuity not included; A portion of the proceeds will go to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.

Please inform your server if someone in your party has an allergy.
Start Time: 15:00
Date: 2015-09-27
End Time: 17:00

End of Summer Cigar Reception

Title: End of Summer Cigar Reception
Location: Wenham Tea House Tent
Link out: Click here
Description: Friday Evening August 28th 7-10pm

Please join us for a night of delicious appetizers, interesting cigars and fun music. Includes two cigars.

$35 per person; tax and gratuity not included.

P{lease inform your sever if someone in your party has an allergy.
Start Date: 2015-08-28
Start Time: 17:00
End Date: 20:00

Summer Soiree

Title: Summer Soiree
Location: Wenham Tea House
Link out: Click here
Description: Friday Evening August 7th 7-10pm
$35 per person; tax and gratuity not included

Please join us for a night of summertime fun under our new tent as we welcome alive jazz band, The Jeff Stout Trio, & pass delicious tapas for you and your guests.

A cash bar will be available.

Semi-formal attire is welcomed and appreciated.

Please inform your server if someone in your party has an allergy.
Start Time: 17:00
Date: 2015-08-07
End Time: 20:00

Wenham Golfing

Golf combines two favorite American pastimes: taking long walks and hitting things with a stick. ~P.J. O’Rourke

Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated!  Arnold Palmer

If you are hooked on golf like so many others, the courses in scenic Wenham, Massachusetts might be a perfect weekend get-a-way to enjoy some time on the links.  In addition to spending a few hours in the sun on the course, you could also round out the day with a tasty meal or dessert at the Wenham Tea House.  Let’s look at two of Wenham’s golf courses to plan your visit.

  • Wenham Country Club is an 18 hole semi-private club at 94 Main Street in Wenham, Massachusetts.  For over 100 years the Wenham Country Club has been providing a beautiful and friendly place on the North Shore to golf. The Club has grown from humble beginnings where the course was only open to townsfolk.  In 1999 Wenham Country Club celebrated its centennial year with a rebuilding of several greens and tees.  Improvements to the clubhouse were also made.  A golf professional was also hired to serve the club.  In the past years the professionals have included: John Theo, Bob Roche, Doug Smith, Alan Campbell, John Thoren, Jr., Peter Collins, and Darin Chin-Aleong.
  • Lakeview Golf Course –is an 18 hole golf course founded in 1928 by one of the original families of Wenham- the Batchelders.  In 1972 the Flynn Family took over ownership and Bill Flynn became the local professional for the course.  Lakeview is  known on the North Shore as the course where someone could play their first round of golf as well as continue playing until they had become an accomplished player and at the later stages of their golfing life when a shorter, easier walking course is desired return to “The View”. Lakeview also offers a unique options for tournaments that may help cut costs – Night Golfing.  This is a fun and special way to golf.  The balls, greens and flags are illuminated with glowing lights to help you find your way.  This special style of tournament has become a local favorite.

Check out the golfing options in Wenham.  The views are not to be missed.  After you have spent the day in the sun and fresh air come visit the Wenham Tea House for a quick bite or a snack.   Happy Golfing.  “Four!”

Wenham Lake – Now and Then

Wenham Lake is a serene lake, carved by glaciers millions of years ago and currently sustaining more than 80,000 Massachusetts residents every day. It lies just mere minutes from our Tea House.  Wenham Lake is not only beautiful but has an interesting history that we love to share with visitors.

Today the Wenham Lake is classified a reservoir with the surrounding land owned by both the Town of Beverly and the Town of Hamilton-Wenham Land Trust. Being a reservoir, there are restrictions on what can be built around the lake thus protecting the beauty of the surrounding area. Let’s take a look back at the unique history of Wenham Lake.

Discovery of the Lake – It is believed that Native American tribes lived around the lake and used it as their tribal lands.  The Agawam tribe lived off the land until they were decimated by disease and ceded it to the colonists.  It was originally a part of Salem, Massachusetts until it became the distinct community of Wenham in 1643.

Early Fishing Industry – Since 1906 fishing has not been allowed at Wenham Lake, but prior to that year it was known as a “great fishing hole”. General Thomas Gage and Daniel Webster traveled to Wenham to enjoy the water and fishing. Many species of fish could be found in it including: large and small mouth bass, red perch, yellow perch, white perch, pickerel, catfish and black bass.

The Ice Business -For over 100 years Wenham Lake’s claim to fame was its ice business. The ice was said to be crystal clear and was enjoyed even by the royalty of England.  Wenham Lake ice in particular became world-famous for its clarity, and graced the tables of the aristocracy of plush London society.

Recent years – Due to coal use and fly ash used in the 1950s and 1960s, Wenham Lake Watershed Association discovered significant contamination in 2001.  Since that time the lake has been dredged and has been monitored for its health regularly.

Next time you drive by Wenham Lake and see the sun reflecting off the water, remember it’s origins and appreciate its beauty.



Outdoor Adventures in Wenham, Massachusetts

The weather we have all been waiting for is finally here!  After one of the worst winters in recorded history, we are so excited to welcome the opening of our patio dining area.  It is a great location to enjoy both the outdoors and, of course, our dining menu.  With all the exceptional outdoor activities in and around Wenham including walking paths, biking paths and unique playgrounds, why not make a day out of savoring this wonderful weather?  Here are just a few of our favorite outdoor places to visit in Wenham.

  • Willowdale Forest – Willowdale is part of a massive network of double-track and single-tracks plowing into the forests of Wenham and the surrounding towns.  It networks together with Bradley Palmer State Forest, Georgetown-Rowley State Forest, and Willowdale itself. The trails themselves are a mix of rolling, smooth, and rooted single and double-track that makes for amazing riding and hiking.
  • J.C. Phillips Nature Preserve – Walking, hiking and riding is welcome on this wide, easy set of trails that are in the Wenham Lake watershed.  This trail can be access from Rt 97 in Beverly.
  • Iron Rail – This shorter walking trail is easily accessible from the town soccer fields.
  • Long Hill – A beautiful and well marked garden surrounds the main house on this 114 acre property, which includes wetlands, forests, gardens, fields and orchards. This is a great trail for walking, hiking, biking and bird watching.
  • Patton Park – Located in the neighboring town of Hamilton, Patton Park has a lot of open green space, multiple athletic facilities (including a skating pond!), a summer concert series, and an iconic tank statue the kids love to climb on, probably placed in homage to General Patton, who the park is named after.
  • Wenham Tea House Playground – Directly behind our Tea House is a shaded playground perfect for little ones.
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