Fresh Food Hospitality Internship

You will be working closely with the leaders in the hospitality group at Fresh Food LLC developing skills and competencies to understand what is needed to be successful in the world of hospitality. You will gain valuable experience in the following areas: operations, marketing, administration, guest services, problem resolution, planning and implementation of innovation and client relationship skills. This internship involves hands on experiences which will provide many opportunities for your personal success in a career of hospitality.


Job Responsibilities (May include any or all):

  • Executing operational standards
  • Financials, P+L, Loss Prevention
  • Safety and Quality Assurance: Safe food in a safe environment
  • Assuring an exceptional guest experience
  • Client Relations and Contractual Commitments
  • Associate learning and development
  • Operational support of serving platforms
  • Working in different settings: FOH, BOH, Catering, Marketing and Administration
  • People management (schedules, time management)
  • Inventory management

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate awareness, understanding and skills necessary to work in a diverse environment.
  • Experience opportunities to learn, observe, and practice a variety of experiences in the world of hospitality.


  • Interest in the hospitality and service industry
  • Attitude of a leader
  • Enjoyment of inspiring others
  • Articulate
  • Good to better interpersonal skills
  • Enjoy building relationships
  • General interest and knowledge
  • Awareness to sustainability practices
  • Interest in one or more of the following:
    • Sustainability
    • Carbon foodprint
    • Farm to Fork
    • Quality Assurance


To develop an understanding of the different aspects of managing a food and beverage establishment and/or venue.

Detailed Description

This internship is an intensive, hands on approach to serve as an introduction to a multi-faceted, extremely busy and passionate food and beverage company. Fresh Food LLC manages the country’s oldest Tea House, the Wenham Tea House, along with the Fresh Food Café in Lynnfield and the Fresh Food Catering division. Your internship will be a direct infusion to all facets of Fresh Food LLC—you will learn how to work and manage a restaurant, café and catering company while working with dishwashers all the way to the owners. This internship will prepare you for your entrance into most types of food and beverage companies.


Three Week Internship

Week One (Orientation)
Day 1 – Orientation Day
Day 2 – Restaurant Dishwasher and Table Busser
Day 3 – Food Runner
Day 4 – FOWH Host and Food Runner
Day 5 – General Manager Assistant

Week Two
Day 1 – Café Orientation
Day 2 – Café Assistant
Day 3 – Café Assistant
Day 4 – General Manager Assistant
Day 5 – Catering Manager Assistant

Week Three
Day 1 – Business Administration with Owner
Day 2 – Business Management with Owner
Day 3 – General Manager Review
Day 4 – Peer Review
Day 5 – Luncheon Review with Owner/Internship Completion

Fresh Food Catering